"Zonal'ni Feed Milling Plant" Ltd.

"Zonal'ni Feed Milling Plant" Ltd. was established in May, 2005. Territorially, the enterprise is located within three regions - Kozhevnikovski, Ziryanski and Tomsk. Multi-activity enterprise involves the increase of cultivated farmland area and expansion of the tractor, (combine) harvester and sowing machine park, as well as, grain drying units and equipment. Productive variety seed, breeding cattle, sophisticated equipment and in-process control technology promotes "Zonal'ni Feed Milling Plant" as one of the most productive effective grain – producer enterprises. Recently this enterprise has been developing dairy farming.

Basic core businesses:

  1. Crop production
    Grain, commercial crops and other agricultural crops
    Cultivated areas - 12 000 hectares
    Crop production - wheat, peas, oats, annual and perennial grasses, corn-type ensilage
    Harvest productivity - 20-25 centner/hectare
  2. Cattle farming
    Cattle (dairy) – 650
    Pigs - 400


Address: 2a Sadovaya St. Novopokrovka 636182 Kozhevnikovski region Tomsk oblast Russia.

Tel.: + 7 (3822) 922546

E-mail: rabotazkz@sibmail.com


Поросята: п. Зональная станция, пер. Тепличный, 4 а.

Бычки: с. Богословка, ул. Луговая, 25/2

Цена на поросят: 5 000 руб./гол.

Цена на бычков: 200 руб./кг.

Телефон: +7 (3822) 923-401, 924-226 (отдел сбыта)